The birth of a child is a huge event in one’s life, and the first few years are a life-changing but fleeting time. Most parents today have much interest in newborn photography to capture these magical moments. If that sounds like you, don’t be afraid to ask your professional photography studio some questions to ensure that your newborn’s photo shoot gets done right.

How Much Experience Do You Have Specifically with Baby Photography?

Look for relevant experience photographing newborns. Newborn photography has some subtle but important distinctions from other types of photography.

Ask the studio how long they’ve been doing newborn and baby photography and how many clients they’ve worked with. The more experience they have, the more comfortable they will be handling your newborn’s photography. Give yourself confidence when you let a professional photographer photograph your baby. Safety should be the absolute top priority. Studio accessories and the general environment should be warm, clean and neat before your baby’s shoot.

On that topic, a professional baby photography studio is still a business and requires proper insurance. It should also be registered with the province or country as a registered business or corporation.

When Will My Prints Be Available?

This question is most important if you’re planning on using the photographs for a time-sensitive event such as a birth announcement. Professional baby photography studios understand the need for occasional rush jobs. Remember that some products and services like custom framing and photo albums take extra time.

What Sets You Apart?

Ask your prospective photographer if there is an iconic look, specific practice, or great invention that sets them apart from other professional photographers. The answers to this question will usually provide a good indication on how dedicated and passionate the studio is about photographing babies and newborns.

David Amoils Photography | Newborn & Baby Photography | Toronto and the GTA

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  • Newborn photography takes planning, skill, and experience to do right.
  • Before choosing a studio, ask questions about pricing, props, safety, and other topics.
  • David Amoils is your ideal newborn and baby photography studio in Toronto and the GTA.
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