Any pet owner can attest to how addicting it is to take pictures of your furry friend all the time. Whether it’s playing in the yard, running in the park, or just hanging around, we probably have tons of amateur photographs of our pets on our smartphones or digital cameras.

But what if you could capture not only the cuteness of your favorite dog or cat but also the essence of its appearance? Maybe take home a portrait with the professional flair that would look excellent hanging in your living room, proving to visitors how much you consider your pet part of the family.

Well, with a professional pet portrait studio in the Toronto area or the GTA, your dream can be a reality. Let’s talk about what we consider the elements of an excellent pet photograph that goes beyond your smartphone’s camera. Hang up a beautiful photograph of your favorite pet in your living room today.

A Focus on the Features

Don’t think that the best pictures necessarily need to be complex. Sure, beautiful backgrounds and props are common additions to already aesthetically pleasing scenes, but, chances are, you want the focus to be on your dog or cat.

Some professional pet portrait studios go for simplistic or minimalistic backgrounds so that the focus of the image lies in the pet. This way, the owner can see his cat or dog in a way he’s never seen before. The pet’s small features that otherwise go unnoticed are shown in photographs like these, whether it’s a subtle smirk or expression.

An Action-Oriented Shot

Of course, sometimes we have a little fun with our images. Some pet photographers opt for an action-based shot, whether it’s your cat jumping around and playing with a laser pointer or your dog playing fetch in the park.

One professional pet portrait studio goes as far as to teach swimming lessons to each pet. The resulting “splashing in” pet photographs are a sight to behold. Some photographers even opt to take pictures during a grooming session. “After a bath” photos are an incredibly adorable and quite silly way of capturing your pet.

Looking for the Human Element

Our pets mean more to us than what meets the eye. That’s why we consider them members of the family. Some photographers take advantage of this trend by finding and photographing certain human-like features in our animals, such as expressions, smiles, or facial features that remind us of ourselves. You’d be surprised at how much emotion can be conveyed through a photograph, even for house pets.

Accessory-Based Portraits

Much like how children tend to hold toys or books in their own photographs, your pets could be photographed next to flowers or other accessories.

One professional pet portrait studio is known for its flower bed accessories that accentuate the precious life we have the privilege of owning. You might like seeing your cat wearing a bouquet of flowers and roses on its head.

Professional Pet Portrait Studio | David Amoils Photography | Toronto, GTA

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