When you’re attending a business meeting, you want to show your clients, partners, and managers that you are professional, reliable, trustworthy and approachable. To look the part, you put a lot of effort into your business attire. Whether it’s your polished look or a new hairstyle, it’s obvious your appearance matters.

It’s no different during a visit to a professional corporate headshot photography studio. To look trustworthy and professional in your business headshot, choose the outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Your clothing choice, while not the primary focus of the photoshoot, is nonetheless a vital component of your professional corporate headshot.

Designs: Colours

Professional corporate headshot photography studios rarely choose neon colors for corporate settings. However, bright colors are always an option since they signify strength, youth and energy. Dark colors tend to reflect maturity and knowledge, so pick the suit color that matches what you want your reputation to reflect.

Also, if you have a lighter skin tone, choose a dark suit color to prevent you from looking washed out. Likewise, it may be best to wear lighter shades if your skin tone is darker.

Designs: Patterns

So how often do corporate headshot photography studios deal with complex patterns? Business environments tend to avoid heavy textures that tend to distract from the focus of the image – you.

As a general rule, choose a simple and uncluttered look for your attire. Solid patterns look the best but avoid any patterns, graphics or logos on your clothing. Remember, it’s about you, so accentuate your best look.

Tips for Men

  • Ties tend to contrast with the rest of the outfit and can drastically change the tone of the attire.
  • Avoid shiny, reflective materials such as silk and satin.
  • White shirts should be broken up with a contrasting tie and jacket.
  • It may be useful to bring one extra business outfit to change into if necessary.
  • If you have a beard or mustache, make sure it is neatly trimmed.

Tips for Women

  • Your neckline affects the shape of your profile immensely. V-necks are preferable for this reason.
  • Keep your accessories simple. Avoid flashy, big jewelry and loud makeup that can distract from the focus of the image. Earrings should hang less than an inch from the earlobes and should be simple and elegant.
  • Stick with sleeves, as corporate headshots tend to look more professional with sleeves.
  • It may be useful to bring one extra business outfit to change into if necessary.

Final Preparations

  • Don’t drink alcohol or smoke before the headshot. Drink plenty of water to give your skin a hydrated, healthy look.
  • If you’re planning to get a haircut, do so at least a week before the photo shoot. New haircuts look best several days after they’re done.

David Amoils Photography | Professional Corporate Headshot Photography | Toronto & the GTA

Overall, you must feel comfortable and confident in your outfit. Any doubts you have will show up on camera. Bring a separate set of clothes in case you change your mind during the shoot.

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  • Your corporate headshot is a huge asset to your business that takes only a few minutes to complete.
  • Wear solid colors only. Bring extra clothes on the day in case you change your mind last-minute.
  • We hope you’ll enjoy your visit to David Amoils’ Photography studio. Get in touch with us to book your corporate headshot photo shoot today!
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