We all love our pets. They bring us a lot of joy, despite those nights where we come home to ripped up pillows and a little “accident.” With the holidays almost here, you can turn that love for your pet into a lasting memory by booking a session at our professional photography studio.

There are a few things you’ll need to know before you book a professional photo shoot for your pet.

1. Work on Training Before the Photo Shoot

We always recommend that all dogs be trained. Trained pets make the entire process a lot easier. A few weeks before your pet photography studio session, practice sit and stay commands with your dog. Even a basic level of obedience will help a lot with the photo shoot. Don’t forget to reward your pup if they successfully heed your commands.

As for cat owners? You better hope the booking isn’t on a Monday.

2. Exercise Them Before the Shoot

Energetic dogs find it challenging to remain well behaved during a professional photo shoot. Try and take your dog for a long walk or run before their session. We’re not recommending you exercise them till the point of exhaustion, but you want to help them burn off any extra energy that may make it difficult for them to focus.

3. Don’t Overfeed your Pet Before the Shoot

Most pets are motivated by food. If you feed your pet before the shoot, they will more than likely want to take a nap. Don’t be afraid to give them a light snack, or treat if needed.

You will also want to bring treats with you to the photo shoot. They are a useful tool to get your pet to listen in an instant, and they’ll want them more if they are hungry.

4. Bring your Pet’s Favorite Toy

If your dog has a favorite toy, bring it. Pet photo shoots can be challenging for your pets because it’s something they aren’t used to doing. Your dog may find it stressful to be in front of the camera. That toy will help them calm down and reach their happy place.

Dog toys are an easy way to reinforce good behavior and reward them if they cooperate throughout the shoot.

5. Your Tone of Voice Matters

There will be times when your dog doesn’t listen. It’s not unusual for them to get bored, hungry, or just plain excited. And there’s nothing wrong with that either.

On the day of your pet photography studio shoot, it’s important to be patient and use a calm and compassionate tone to correct them when they make mistakes. You don’t want to discipline your dog aggressively. If you do this, they will shut down, and you will have trouble successfully completing the shoot.

6. Warn the Photographer of Your Pet’s Quirks

Every pet has their own unique way of behaving. You should warn your photographer if your pet has the potential to become aggressive, or reacts a certain way in stressful situations.

Your photographer will want to know these things so they can try and avoid triggering bad types of behaviour. Remember, your photo shoot is about your dog, and your photographer wants to make that a positive experience for everyone involved.

Professional Pet Photography David Amoils Photography | Toronto & the GTA

David Amoils Photography is a professional photography studio with over 25 years of experience. We offer photography packages for all humans, big and small, pets, corporate head shots and more. Our studio is located in Thornhill, Ontario and we have been serving clients throughout Toronto and the GTA for over two decades.

Contact us today if you are interested in booking your pet for a fun photo shoot at our professional photography studio. Check out our portfolio where you can see some of the work we have done with animal and pet photography over the years.

  • Capture lasting memories of your pet that you’ll have forever.
  • Our professional photography studio has the highest quality lighting and equipment which is difficult to find with other photographers today.
  • Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of pets and understand what it takes to get them to cooperate during a professional photo shoot.
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