Every parent takes pictures of their baby, so they can look back on how their child used to be and relive those precious memories. At David Amoils Photography, our baby photography studio is fully equipped to give you the means to capture your baby the way you want to with a variety of themes, costumes, and settings available.

But that’s the easy part. The hard part is getting your baby positioned and ready for the shoot. As a parent or guardian, you probably already know this, babies do not always sit still, let alone look at the camera.

Here are a few tips that we often use at our studio to ensure that we get the best shot possible.

1.Time your Shots with a Sound

Babies tend to respond to sounds. Timing photographs with a sound is one of the easiest ways to get your infant’s attention.

As a parent, you may know what specific sounds your child will respond to, but if you don’t know of any yourself, there are many you can try. For example, there’s cooing, calling out their name, using a squeaky toy, and many other options.

If you know what sound your child responds to, make sure to tell your photographer.

2. Give Them Something to Play With

Getting your child to sit still is challenging. After all, babies have short attention spans. An excellent way to keep them sitting in one place is to give them a toy or some other object to keep them occupied.

This can also make the photo interesting, as a baby with a toy usually produces great expressions for a photoshoot.

3. Change the Camera Settings

Modern cameras have a lot of settings that can be used to improve the overall quality of the photos taken.

Here are a few ways camera settings can improve your shoot:

  • Here at our baby photography studio, we have the best lighting in the industry. This lets us reduce the need to use flash settings, which can startle your baby.
  • Your photographer may also speed up the shutter speed, so that the picture doesn’t look blurry.
  • Changing the aperture setting can change the blur and focus, so the baby is focused, and the background is blurry.
  • There is also the multi-photo option to get a bunch of pictures in quick successions. This makes it easier for you to guarantee that you get the right photo.

4. Making Everyone Comfortable

Patience is essential. You aren’t going to get the best photo on the first try, so why not use the photoshoot as a time to bond with your baby?

As a baby photography studio, we recommend enjoying the experience of taking a photo with your baby and we work hard to provide a welcoming environment for all of our customers.

If you are having a good time, there’s a good chance your baby will cooperate and laugh with you, making it easier to get your child in a happy and cheerful mood.

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If you are looking for an experienced professional baby photography studio in Toronto and the GTA, get in touch with David Amoils Photography today.

We have the best lighting and equipment in the industry, and we have proudly served our local community for over 25 years. Whether you need pet photography, corporate headshots, family portraits, or something else, we are always available to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Your baby photography studio session is a great way for you to bond with your baby.
  • If you are looking for something funny and unusual, David Amoils Photography is the original inventor of the baby cake smash.
  • We have experienced photographers with over 25 years of experience. We can help you capture that perfect photograph of your baby.
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