The job economy in Toronto is such that everyone has something that makes their resume special. When applying for a job, chances are some people may be better qualified for the job than you. Qualifications and experience, however, are not the only factors that decide whether you get hired or not. You should be seeking every advantage you can when it comes to your resume, and we’re not only talking about your actual qualifications. In fact, there is a simple, affordable trick that will help you snag your dream job from all those other applicants. Many job hunters neglect this trick at quite a cost to themselves.

It is important to appear professional in every respect, be it on your hard copy resume or online. Your online presence is almost more important than your presence in-person – after all, your prospective employer sees your online profile before you have even set foot in the door! When it comes to professionalism, even if a selfie headshot looks okay to you, it screams unprofessionalism, and that’s bad news for your career. To be concise, here are 4 reasons why you need a professional corporate headshot for your resume in 2019.

1. Getting Your Foot in the Door

If your LinkedIn profile does not look professional, you will need to be extremely well-qualified for the job in order to be considered at all. In fact, your resume may be discarded immediately if your online profile isn’t flawless. A professional corporate headshot from a professional photography studio is exactly the kind of polish you want to your profile to have.

2. Stand Out from the Rest

Although we know that paying a professional corporate headshot photography studio is very important, the fact is most people do not. Many people simply do not bother getting a professional headshot at all, since it’s considered “a waste of money”, because, after all, “we all have phones, don’t we?”. With your professional headshot, you will immediately stand out from the other applicants, and your resume will almost certainly be read.

3. Making a Commitment

It is important to convince a recruiter that you are taking your job applications seriously. One of the best ways to do that is by paying for a professional corporate headshot. This shows that you have made an investment in your career and that you are serious about it. At the same time, by investing money in your career, you will be giving yourself the motivation needed to take your own career seriously.

4. Putting a Face to a Name

By having a professionally done headshot on your online profile, you are linking your name and your headshot together. Names are more memorable when paired with a face, and with a professional headshot, you can be sure that your name will be one that your recruiter remembers.

David Amoils Corporate Headshot Photography | Toronto and the GTA

Convinced that you need a professional headshot? David Amoils Photography is the professional corporate headshot studio that will help you get exactly the right headshot for your online profile. We have over 25 years of experience serving Toronto and GTA. Contact us today with any questions you may have – we are always happy to help in any way we can!

  • Your online profile needs to have a professional headshot to catch the eye of a recruiter.
  • A professional corporate headshot photography studio will help give your online profile the polish it needs for you to get ahead.
  • David Amoils Photography has been serving Toronto and the GTA for over 25 years, and David knows exactly how to make your headshot look the best it can be.
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